Welcome to PAWWS to Heal

We use interaction with our specially-trained therapy animals as a healing tool for children to work through emotional, physical and behavioral problems. When conventional therapy is unable to reach a child, animals and their unconditional love, trust, patience and support are used to assist in healing and to reach goals, which have been set by therapists, special education teachers, counselors, parents, and guardians.

PAWWS to Heal is a 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to children and animals. Through interactive therapy with animals, our services strengthen and improve the lives of children as they journey the path of healing from abuse and coping with physical disabilities.

Comfort in time of COVID-19

In times of uncertainty, small things can feel overwhelming, change is scary and sometimes unbearable. Animals are an amazing support for people going through times of hardship, change, and uncertainty, they offer, trust, patience, encouragement and unconditional love to start healing from emotional trauma. If you have pets or access to them this is an excellent time to spend time with them. The kindness and compassion animals give can change the course of your life. Stay safe and be kind to animals and each other in these unsettled times.

Pawsitive Support

Hi friends and family, PAWWS to Heal has not been able to have their annual fundraising events due to the pandemic.

We are reaching out for the support of friends and family to help with upcoming non-profit expenses (insurance, taxes, etc.). Our goal is to raise $2000. We understand that everyone is going through challenging times, and appreciate any support that you are able to contribute.

Thank you in advance for your donation. We truly appreciate all of your kindness. Stay safe and healthy!

You can make a tax-deductible, secure donation with PalPal, Debit or Credit Card via our PayPal button, or by mailing your donation to: PAWWS to Heal, 3605 North Sherman Ave., Madison, WI 53704.